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Now, before you all get up to leave, don't worry. I'm not going to bore you with the entire story of my life...just the most recent part of it. :)

I just thought this would be as good a place as any to bring everyone up to speed on what's been going on in my life. I've been dealing with getting accustomed to a new job after ending my internship with the state, I almost went nuts trying to fit everything I had to do into my daily schedule, I spent a total of 15 hours on hold over the course of 3 weeks trying to get DSL service that WORKS...and oh yeah, I did a comic every day, too.

I missed a few days here and there, and felt bad about it...but the only reason I missed them is because I ended up sitting in front of my computer, trying to think of something to do, and just drew a blank, no matter how hard I tried. And last tuesday, I realized that if I didn't take some time off to decompress, I was either going to go mad, or Real Life would fall by the wayside. I didn't want either to happen, so without further notice, I took a week off to just not worry about things. And honestly, it helped. Thanks to the help of my wonderful mom, I was able to come up with more ideas in a day than I had for weeks.

And aside from that, I had been tinkering with putting this whole new web page together. It had been coming along okay, but then I realized that I needed to rethink a lot of things. Hence, there's a new logo. Yeah...well, okay, not a LOT of things, but a few of them. :) Anyway, thanks to the help of Darren Bluel, tech god of Keenspot, I was able to get some features put into the site that made it just PERFECT (from my viewpoint, anyways.).

Basically, my life has been kind of strange lately. I got a chance to sit and think about what was really important. I found that inspiration cannot be forced...you just have to sit around and let it come to you sometimes. And I realized the importance of getting work done in advance. ;)

Hey, this IS a page for my speils. Just thought I'd let everyone know what's up, whether you care or not. Hehe.

-Greg Dean