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Monday, Oct 13, 2003

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Hit refresh. It will make the hurting stop.

October 13, 2003
12:33 PM

So, someone just sent me a comparison they did between the old logo and the new logo, and there’s WAY less of a difference than there should have been. This leads me to believe that many of you have the old logo cached in your temporary internet files. Either hit F5 to refresh, hit the refresh bar on your toolbar, or something, because there should be a pretty noticeable change. If these two pictures look identical, you need to refresh your cache:

Old Logo:

New Logo:

The new logo SHOULD look like this:

New Logo:

ObjectDock Finickyness (that’s a word)

October 13, 2003
12:33 PM

Yarrgh. Okay, here’s what I don’t get. How can two people download the SAME program (ObjectDock), the same VERSION, and one supports drag-n-drop, while the other does not. What the allmighty hell? So far, I’ve installed OD on THREE computers, none of which allows me to drag icons onto or off of the dock. Yet I recieve multitudes of e-mails from people who ARE able to drag and drop. If I could get OD to do that, I would be so INCREDIBLY happy with it. I just don’t know why I seem to be downloading the possessed version. Anyone who can give me some insight, perhaps?

I am dumb.

October 13, 2003
12:58 PM

Okay, chalk one up to dumbassedness. For some reason, the “Lock Dragging” box never registered in my miniscule little brain. Now that I’ve unchecked that, OD works BEAUTIFULLY. I now can give it my wholehearted approval. And I repeat, I am a dumbass.


October 13, 2003
6:58 PM

I think we are all quite aware of your “dumbassedness”.

I would like to make it known that I have no creative control over this site. So please don’t send me e-mails stating that you would like to do a link exchange with Real Life Comics. It is up to Greg what he decides to link. This is also the reason why different parts of the comic haven’t been updated in months. *cough* The characters Page *cough*

The mac OS theme is actually pretty darn cool. Macs have a neat interface and better graphics. (Things just look prettier.) It seems like Greg ran around the house last night while I was asleep and changed all the computers into the Mac OS theme. (Its actually a little scarey.) ^_^ But its cool all the same.

A few people have asked me what I felt about Silent Hill 3. I can’t give a true review of it because I never finished the first two, but I think its really awesome. Some of the graphics in the game are incredible. The soundtrack it wonderful as always. But this time there seemed to be some sounds that would give me the chills while listening. They would screw with you in this game alot more than they did before. In some of the games there would be rooms where things would jump out at you. (Cat in locker, anyone?) In 3, the creators decided that cheesy little scares “aren’t their style” anymore. They reach for the crazy in this game. All I can really say about it is that I loved it. We really enjoy replaying it with all of the new costumes and weapons too.^_^

Ok! I have some fun stuff for you guys! Yesterday evening we had Lena and Ben over to our new house for dinner. While they were there, Greg decided that the HUGE limes in our backyard needed to be picked. So he went to pick them and the thorns got him pretty good. (The HUGE limes seem to have HUGE thorns protecting them.) He stomped into the house, went into the bedroom, pulled out his tanto and then proceeded to stomp back outside to defend his honor. Before I was able to get outside to see what was happening, he has already cut the first lime off of the tree. Seen here:

He and Ben then decided it would be fun to toss them up in the air and try to cut them with the sword. (Greg was a bit better at it than Ben was. P.S. The guy in the picture is Ben and the girl in the picture is Lena. Greg is in the background next to Lena.)

The two of them continued this until both of the limes were quite dead.

So I hope this helps to re-state that Greg IS in fact a “dumbass”.