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Yeah, that's me - the lady who does all this stuff. Feel free to shoot me a line to say howdy, contact me for advertising inquiries, or if you're a wealthy Nigerian prince who has HUGE SUMS OF MONEY for me. Those are always appreciated.

If you want to contact Liz, this is where you'd go. Feel free to send her your regards, and your sympathies for having to deal with me as a husband. You might want to avoid the "Do you REALLY know Greg?" e-mails, though... she gets somewhat annoyed by those. (Yes, she's gotten them before.)

If you can't STAND me for whatever reason, or if I do something that annoys you enough to want to e-mail me and complain about it, use the e-mail address above. Note: The "message undeliverable" notice you will recieve is just some weird glitch - I totally got the e-mail.