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Tuesday, Oct 28, 2003

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Linkshell Information

October 28, 2003
3:26 AM

Note the addition to the menu. What that is is me gearing up for the US FFXI release. I’m so giddy about it I couldn’t help but start in on the linkshell page. A linkshell is essentially the same thing as a guild, but they call ’em linkshells in FFXI. 😀

I’m not sure what server we’re going to be playing on yet. I’ve tasked cliff with trying during the day on wednesday to get onto the phoenix server, but it really doesn’t matter. We just need to find one, and become established. Then we can start organizing a manner of getting potential members onto the server we’re playing on. I’ll post when we get it figure out. And then there’s the task of getting together about 8000 gil and buying the linkshell…ah, details.

So, yeah. Tomorrow’s the day. I can’t freaking wait. If you need something to help you pass the time, read up on FFXI at FFXI Stratics. Lots of good info there. 🙂

More Final Fantasy XI Info

October 28, 2003
11:20 AM

Before I begin, I’d like to state that I think I’m going back to the “newer items on top” method of posting. More people like it this way than the other way, so.

A lot of people have had a lot of questions about FFXI, so I thought i’d take a moment to address these. First off, I’ve learned that, at this point in time, Square-Enix does not plan to add any more servers beyond what already exists. That’s right… the same Japanese servers we’ve been playing on are going to wind up being the only servers. I have mixed feelings on this, but I don’t really mind, as the connection speed to these servers has always been excellent for me, even on the overcrowded Ragnarok server.

Speaking of servers, I should mention that there is no real “Server Selection”. When you create a character, you are randomly assigned to a server based on population. Servers that become overpopulated are removed from this random assignment. While this ensures an even distribution of players, and highly reduced lag, it also causes a bit of a problem for those of us who all want to start on the same server. One way to get around this is to create, and then delete, and then recreate until you get the server you want. This can be time consuming, however, as there are nearly 30 servers. So, Square’s answer to this is the Worldpass. If friends REALLY want to play on the same server, someone already on that server can purchase, for a nominal fee, a worldpass. This is a code used by someone creating a new character that will start them off on the server the worldpass was purchased on. This will NOT “transfer” your character, this only allows you to create a new one on that server. The good news is, with the U.S. release, a worldpass is good for up to five people, and remains useful for a week. Later on, after the linkshell is purchased on whatever server we choose (as I said, I’m giving cliff the task of trying to get onto Phoenix, but if that proves to be a pain, any server will do), we’ll probably pool some money to purchase worldpasses for those of you interested in joining the LinkShell.

You probably noticed on the linkshell page the rank of “Bag Holder”. These are people designated by the leader to have the ability to give out linkpearls to players, thereby allowing them into the linkshell. Keep in mind that you can be a member of many linkshells, but you can only have one equipped at a time. You’ll get the hang of it. I think that covers the majority of the questions I’ve recieved thus far. I’m going to be busting my ass to get together that 8000 gil, but I will make sure to post the server as SOON as we decide on one, so that people will have a chance to start there if possible. I’ll keep you updated.

Cool Link

October 28, 2003
7:37 PM

So you get all uppity about how Greg hasn’t updated the site in forever, but when I update it no one notices. I’m sure this is how Greg felt when he updated the new logo. Sadly, his two logos looked the same to me until I gave him some artistic pointers. Now it has that nice shine on the bottom of it. =0D

Also, at the moment I have no information about the Final Fantasy Linkshell. We don’t even have the game yet, so we can’t put people into the linkshell until it has been created. We need gil to start it, and you start out with very little gil. Once we have everything rolling, we will announce it to you and I will be bombarded with e-mails. *Remembers the time that Greg mentioned Real Life Radio and I had 500 e-mails in my inbox by the end of the day.* *Shudder*

So I have spent most of the day thinking about what I am going to get people for X-mas. Its been really difficult. I have a list of 100 things for some people and absolutely nothing for others. I have to do my X-mas shopping now because I will be having foot surgery December 3rd. I see that you are all puzzled by this last statement. Pretty much they have to rebuild my foot. They have to break the bone and rip the ligaments, ect. So I will be stuck in my bed for a month. Which means that I will still be in bed at X-mas and on my birthday (December 27th) and during New Years. Hence there won’t be any time for shopping. I guess that means that alot of my shopping will be done online. *pouts* If you guys have any really awesome sites that you would want to refer to me, please do. Please remember that I am on a budget though! hehe