Title: 1056

Friday, Oct 31, 2003

August 2018

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So You Want To Be In The Linkshell

October 31, 2003
11:44 AM

Happy Halloween!

So before Greg, Cliff and myself get a load of e-mails regarding linkshell membership, I decided to head you all off at the pass. This is Liz’s “How to Get Into the Linkshell” report.

All of you are probably saying,”Ok, so now I’m on the Phoenix server and I’m in San d’Oria, how do I get into the linkshell?” Well its simple. Greg and I usually play at night around 8pm (PST) and 2am (PST). Cliff could be on at anytime of day, so it might be easier to find him. Anyways, find the characters “Sagus”, “Calaeriel”, “Devinoch”, or “Maelyn” and ask for a linkpearl. (Be sure to introduce yourself.) Do a trade with one of us and we will give you the pearl to equip. Then you go into your “items” menu and equip the pearl. Tada! You are a member of the ShirtNinja Linkshell! So don’t e-mail us about it because we can only add you while you are online and see us at the same time. Then in a few days we will update the page as to who is in the linkshell.

Today’s comic is true. It doesn’t take long to level up (unless you are a little white mage taru like me.) but you shouldn’t party until you are level 10. The reason for this is that you share whatever the experience is. For example, if you fight an enemy that gives you 50 exp then you would share that 50 with each person in the group. It isn’t until you go and start fighting creatures that need to have a larger group that you worry about this at all. So because Greg and I got rid of our old characters to start new with the english version, we are having to level just like everyone else. Sadly, we don’t get as much time as everyone else, so we end up getting left out alot of the time. Last night Greg said he wanted to play with me, but I went out and leveled the entire time while he was in trying to get a linkshell. So we didn’t even get to see each other in game until the last few minutes I was playing. hehe.

Shirt Ninjas Meet-Up Saturday

October 31, 2003
10:15 PM

Okay…we’ve got the linkshell thanks to our good buddy Helm. So, in order to accomodate everyone that wants to join up, we’re going to schedule a meet-up tomorrow afternoon (SATURDAY 11/1) at 5 pm PST. It’s going to be held at the cathedral in Northern San D’Oria. I’ve been told it’s a pretty low-traffic area, and i’m not sure how many of you are going to be showing up, so I wanted to make sure I didn’t lag people out from having too many avatars on the screen at once. If I recall correctly, there are some upstairs rooms… i think i’ll be hanging out up there. Either way, just come find me and liz (and possibly cliff…dunno yet) and we’ll hook you up with a linkpearl. For those who don’t know where the cathedral is, here’s a map. 🙂