Friday, Apr 22, 2022

April 22, 2022

April 2022

Panel 1
Mae: Good lord… I guess I had better just start digging through stuff to see if I can find it.
Jim Morrison: And that is like, the true curse of the realms of the lost, man.

Panel 2
Jim Morrison: Unfathomable masses have found themselves, like, becoming so buried in the search for what has been lost that they, like, BECOME that which has been lost, man. You know?
Jim Morrison: It’s like… a cautionary tale, man.
Mae: Yeah, well I’m used to being a cautionary tale, so it’s fine.

Panel 3
Mae: I mean, you haven’t seen my brewing stuff around, have you?
Jim Morrison: I have seen many things on my travels, but I have learned that no matter how long you seek, It will forever be out of your grasp, man.
Mae: You sure, though? A big glass bottle with a rubber cork and a little plastic airlock?

Panel 4
Jim Morrison: Oh, that. No, yeah, I’ve got that.
Jim Morrison: You shoulda just said.
Mae: I DID.