Tuesday, Aug 3, 2021

August 3, 2021

August 2021

Panel 1
Nurse: Okay, Mrs. Dean - remember to follow the discharge instructions for the next few days, and absolutely avoid lifting anything over 25 pounds for the next two weeks.
Mae: Can do!

Panel 2
Nurse: Did you have any other questions before you head home?
Mae: Well… yeah, um… is there any way I could keep them?

Panel 3
Nurse: Keep...what?
Mae: Well, I mean, I did sort of MAKE them, you know? I didn’t necessarily want them in my body doin’ their thing, but it might be kind of fun to like… encase them in resin for posterity or something. The comedic potential is endless.

Panel 4
Nurse: Standard procedure is to biopsy them and then incinerate them as medical waste.
Mae: Yeah, that’s actually a much more fitting end, if I’m being honest.