Monday, Aug 5, 2013

August 5, 2013

August 2013

Greg: I feel like I might be a bad Whovian.
Tony: What makes you say that?

Greg: Well, I heard the announcement about Peter Capaldi being the next Doctor, and I’m honestly just super excited - i think he’s going to be an awesome Doctor. But see, It’s not because I hated Matt Smith or anything... I loved his take on the Doctor. Same as I loved Tennant, and Eccleston, and all the Doctors I’ve seen in the classic stuff.

Greg: But it seems like the tradition amongst Whovians is to love whoever the first Doctor you start with is, and then hate anyone else who takes over the role... or at the very least, to initially hate every new regeneration.

Greg: Am I a bad Whovian because I just love the show, no matter who’s on it, or who’s running it?
Tony: Yes. You suck. Just like any Doctor that WASN'T portrayed by Tom Baker.