Tuesday, Dec 17, 2013

December 17, 2013

December 2013

Maelyn: Greetings, Mr. Housing Guy! I wish to purchase a domicile!
LeFevre: Certainly! You have the 20 million gil, I assume?
Maelyn: Oh, no... we weren’t trying to get a large house, just a small one.
LeFevre: That is the price for a small one.

Maelyn: What?! But a friend of mine over on the Belias server said the price was only 4 million for a small!!
LeFevre: Right, but Excalibur is a legacy server, and as such there is a lot more gil being held by the older free companies. And really, the intent of housing is that it would be something for free companies to work towards over the next few months, not to be purchased right away.

Maelyn: ...But the gil drop rates in dungeons are the same across servers.
LeFevre: That’s correct.
Maelyn: Well, that means I’m having to work five times as hard to buy a house as someone on Belias.

LeFevre: Well, um... I...
Maelyn: But hey, What do I know? I only spent the last 20 seconds coming up with the problems... it’s not like I spent the LAST FEW MONTHS working on it or anything.