Tuesday, Jan 7, 2014

January 7, 2014

January 2014

Alan Extra: Hey, these hand towels are pretty cool. Can I get a discount if I buy two?
Liz: *Sigh* Here we go.

Liz: Sir, I understand you’re trying to just save a buck, but I’m not a big retailer with the benefit of low costs due to high volume. I make everything here one at a time, and I set my prices where they are so as to make a meager profit when I sell them.

Liz: Furthermore, you’re asking me for a discount on the first day of the con. I still have three and a half days to sell everything here, at full price. it’s fairly basic economics, man. And yet fifteen times a day, I get someone asking for a volume discount. What the hey?

Alan Extra: Okay, but what if I buy three?
Liz: Tell you what... go to Burger King and ask them for a discount if you buy three Whoppers. if they give it to you, so will I. And value meals don’t count.