Tuesday, Jul 12, 2022

July 12, 2022

July 2022

Panel 1
Mae: Okay, listen. We need to have a chat, apparently.
Cartoonist: Ugh, look, I know. I KNOW. I’ve let the comic falter a little bit. That’s on me.

Panel 2
Mae: A LITTLE BIT?! It’s been almost a whole-ass MONTH since you last posted a comic! We have BEEN down this road before, and I don’t like where it leads.
Cartoonist: Look, I mean, you’re not wrong, but this really is different.

Panel 3
Cartoonist: Last time, I was having an identity crisis and battling depression. This time, I just had a bunch of time sensitive stuff I had to get done, and I was trying to focus on that.
Mae: …and…?

Panel 4
Cartoonist: …okay yes, AND battling depression.
Mae: I knew our ever-present friend was in there somewhere!