Monday, Jun 28, 2021

June 28, 2021

June 2021

Panel 1
Narration: Driving through San Francisco on the way home…
Liz: “Hunter’s Point”...isn’t that supposed to be like the most dangerous area in the city?
Mae: I know it was at one point, but it’s much less murdery than it used to be.

Panel 2
Liz: Well, you know… the pandemic HAS hit every industry hard.
Mae: It’s just remarkably difficult to murder from home, you know?

Panel 3
Liz: And distance murdering is SUCH a pain. You have to get everyone on zoom, and of COURSE someone’s connection is going to be bad…
Mae: “Hey, if you could head to the kitchen and grab a knife, that would be… no, a KNIFE. I said a - oh, crap, I think you’ve lost connection…”

Panel 4
Liz: “This stabbing really could have just been an e-mail.”
Narration: I really wish I could say this wasn’t an actual conversation.
Narration: I really do.