Wednesday, Mar 13, 2019

March 13, 2019

March 2019

Panel 1
Doctor: Well, from what you’ve described to me, I think it’s pretty clear you’ve been dealing with sleep apnea. It’s good you’re taking it seriously.

Panel 2
Doctor: The next step is that we’re going to get you scheduled for a sleep study, and then we can go from there.
Greg: What’s a sleep study?

Panel 3
Doctor: Well, you’re going to head to a sleep center here in Folsom, and they have a number of rooms with beds and other equipment, and you go there to sleep… and they study you.

Panel 4
Greg: So some sort of sleep study, then.
Doctor: Don’t worry - cognitive function will return with proper rest.
Greg: Yeah, let’s not get too ahead of ourselves with that one.