Monday, May 16, 2022

May 16, 2022

May 2022

Panel 1
Mae: Okay, well, this has been…
Mae: …yeah.
Jim Morrison: I’m like, really glad I could help out a fellow rider on the storm, you know?

Panel 2
Mae: I’ll probably need to spend the next few weeks sanitizing it, but at least now I can get the hell out of this crazy place. I feel like I’ve been here for weeks.
Jim Morrison: Do you want, like, a guide back out, man? I’m not really doing much else right now.

Panel 3
Mae: NO! I mean… no, that’s okay. I’m sure I can find the way back on my own. Thanks. But no.
Jim Morrison: Okay man, like, walk down moonlight drive ‘til the end of the night, yeah?
Mae: …yep. Bye!

Panel 4
Jim Morrison: …wait, did I remember to hit on her?
Jim Morrison: Nah, I’m sure I did. I wouldn’t forget something so important.