Tuesday, Nov 15, 2022

November 15, 2022

November 2022

Panel 1
Liz: What’cha doin’?
Mae: Oh! I sent a message to your friend Jess, and she actually has an opening in her schedule so she can get me in for a tattoo this week! I’m just sending her some design ideas and whatnot.

Panel 2
Liz: So what’s the plan? A Star Trek Commbadge, or maybe something from Final Fantasy?
Mae: None of the above, actually.

Panel 3
Mae: I was actually thinking of like, a stylized neo-traditional rose, in honor of my grandma. I mean, I took my middle name from her, so it’d be a nice way to remember her. My sister and cousins all have a rose tattoo because of her, so now I will too.

Panel 4
Liz: Of all the changes you’ve gone through, letting sentimentality and genuine emotion win out over the desire to be as geeky as possible is maybe the MOST upsetting.
Mae: Would it help if I ask her to hide a starfleet delta in the design somehow?
Liz: That would make me feel a LOT better, yeah.