Tuesday, Nov 24, 2015

....unless you DO take me seriously, in which case you need to strongly reconsider your life choices.

November 2015

Panel 1
Greg: i realize I’m probably being overly sensitive here, but something about the stuff like “Honest Trailers” online rubs me the wrong way.
Dave: What? Why? They’re hilarious.

Panel 2
Greg: Okay, I’ll grant you that they’re funny... that’s the whole point. But they achieve that by taking something and nitpicking it to death, focusing on the most insignificant crap they can find.

Panel 3
Greg: And then, because it has this big booming trailer voiceover guy doing it, it somehow takes on an air of authoritativeness, and people just watch it and say “yep, uh-huh, that’s true.” It goes beyond simple criticism and just comes off as mean.

Panel 4
Dave: Isn’t that literally EXACTLY what you do all the time about EVERYTHING?
Greg: Well sure, but because everyone thinks I’m an idiot, nobody actually takes my opinion seriously. Totally different.