Wednesday, Sep 22, 2004

Title: 1283

September 2004


Title: 1283

September 22, 2004
12:01 AM

There seems to be the slightest bit of confusion as to the tone of these comics, so I just want to make something very, VERY clear : I LOVED Sky Captain. You NEED to see Sky Captain. If you heard from someone that it sucked, they are wrong, and are most likely a communist. You don’t want to associate with communists, do you?

I realize that the title “Sky Dumbass” probably made you think I was commenting on the ACTUAL Sky Captain, when I was in fact speaking about my own character, as I love nothing more than to make endless fun of myself. The actual Sky Captain is a badass. I figured I’d enjoy doing a bit of a parody using my own characters, so while it may seem as though I’m mocking the movie, I’m actually just mocking myself.

And seriously… do you think I would spend upwards of 3+ hours on each of these comics if I >didn’t love the movie? Seriously… them’s hand-painted backgrounds, peoples! :D