Wednesday, Dec 15, 2004

Title: 1339

December 2004


Title: 1339

December 15, 2004
12:01 AM

So, I actually planned on talking about this a few weeks ago, but eh. It’s sorta out now. Sometime early next year, perhaps around march or so, Liz and I are planning to move up to Washington. That’s what that whole trip a few weeks back was about – we wanted to scope out the area, drive around, see the feel of the place. We even managed to find a place that we fell in love with – at a price that seems like a steal by Sacramento rental rates. Pretty much, Liz is now starting to do schoolwork full time, and it’s tough enough to get along with just one income, but considering what rent is like around here, we just figured it’d be easier to jump ship and try somewhere new. I actually have a pretty good job lead up in Seattle, too. So we’ll see how it goes. Might be neat. :)

A quick note on the nature of the comic in the immediate future – I’ve decided to base it a little MORE on reality than usual (hell, sometimes I could base it on Star Trek and it’d be closer to reality than my usual stuff) for a bit. That means we’re probably going to be seeing a few changes around here. I’m not really sure what, yet… I’ve just decided that unlike previous big changes in my life, I’m not going to struggle to keep the settings and whatnot the same in the comic. It’s time it began to grow with me. That’s what I intended when I started this whole thing, and it’s time I got back to that.

So hold on. I’m just getting warmed up, here.