Thursday, May 12, 2005

Title: 1444

May 2005


Title: 1444

May 12, 2005
12:01 AM

Hokay now! We have another banner advertiser up, but they have the previous one I was trying out beat in two was. 1) They run standard size banner ads instead of those damned idiotic leaderboard-type ads, and 2) They’re actually willing to TAKE DOWN ads I find inappropriate or offensive. There’s still a few “shoot the X, punch the X” type ads on there, but as they’re for free PSP’s and whatnot, I figure I’ll allow ’em (yeah, I know it’s a survey… but hey, it’s video game related. That’s at least a good thing.)

These ads are good because they’re more of a “standard” ad system – they pay based on impressions rather than clicks. Though, clicks are definately a good thing – I need to get so many clicks per month in order to keep getting paid and whatnot, so all that stuff I said about supporting our advertisers is still in effect. :) But I figure, with this as an additional revenue source, going full-time should be a cinch. We’ll see. As alyways, if any ads show up that are objectionable in nature, let me know. Send me a screenshot. I’m committed to keeping those kinds of ads off the site, and thankfully this ad provider is very helpful. :)

And by the by… thanks to the tireless efforts of my CSS buddy, you shouldn’t be experiencing the “white space bug” in IE any more. And, thanks to some work by Ukyo, firefox’ ad blocker shouldn’t be blocking site UI images any more! Now if we could only get safari to play nice with the menus, we’d be sitting pretty! But yeah… good to have those things fixed. Last, I finished the Sky Dumbass wallpaper today… I’ll get it and the RLSG stuff all situated tomorrow morning, when I have time and am actually conscious. I go sleep now. :D