Monday, Nov 7, 2005

Title: 1567

November 2005


Title: 1567

November 7, 2005
12:01 AM

A mere 12 days ago, I began looking into the feasability of moving to San Francisco to prepare for a term at the California Culinary academy.

Last night, Liz and I signed a lease on an apartment in the Diamond Heights/Twin Peaks area. I’ll be getting pictures posted soonish, (’cause I’m really proud of the place) but wow. In five days, if we can get it all taken care of, I’m going to be living in the dead center of San Francisco. That’s so unbelievably cool – and completely impossible without your support.

Also, I got the job. :) I start next monday, hence the rush to move. This being the case, today is officially my last day at the Rancho Murieta Airport. I’m going to be using the rest of the week to pack up all our belongings, such that for ONCE, we will go to move and not have to pick up random crap here and there for a hour. But yeah, wow. I’m much less attatched to this job than I should be, though… sure, I’ve been here for 6 years, but I’m really just looking forward to moving on. I guess that’s how it works if your heart isn’t in what you do. So yeah… wow.

I’ll keep you guys informed, and let you know how everything goes. I’m gonna have my hands full this week, I’m sure, but I’ll make sure I get comics out each and every day. Take it easy!