Friday, Dec 30, 2005

Title: 1599

December 2005


Title: 1599

December 30, 2005
12:01 AM

SO, it’s been a BAD month to be this website. It’s gotten so used to daily updates, and this month it’s just been left high and dry more often than it should.

Yeah, I went away on vacation. Fully intended to be uploading at LEAST the guest comics. Even wound up in a hotel with free broadband – I’ll give you three guesses at what I forgot, and the first two don’t count.

Freaking laptop power cord. AGAIN. I have two, and one is at work. I should have remembered to pack the other, but alas, my memory is swiss cheese. And to make matters worse, I think I’m working with a bum battery – The laptop had a full charge as of Monday morning, and upon arrival at the hotel, I loaded it up and turned the screen down to the LOWEST brightness setting – and it FREAKING DIED AFTER TWENTY MINUTES. Had my PSP, but no wireless in the area. So I was officially screwed.

I want to be more reliable here. I really, really do. I’m trying – but cripes. It’s been hard. And in a little less than a week and a half – I start SCHOOL. I mean, not much in the way of homework, but I’m about to become the hardest working person I know, juggling school, work, comic, and all the various other hobbies I foolishly undertake.

Just bear with me. I’ve been through tough times before – I plan to get through these just the same. You guys are saints for being as patient with me as you have been.