Wednesday, Mar 8, 2006

Title: 1628

March 2006


Title: 1628

March 8, 2006
12:01 AM

Any of you watch “My Name is Earl”? Well, if not, you should. It’s funny as hell. But let’s just put it this way… I think it’s time I started up my OWN list. Karma’s out to get me.

I guess I’ll just be out with the bad news first – no comic tomorrow. Possibly no comic friday, and hell… I don’t really know when I’ll get things back up. Why? Is it because school is kicking my ass and I can’t get it together? No.

It’s because no less than two weeks after I had the GALL to move my comic files off of my laptop and onto my PC… my PC dies. Not sure what’s wrong with it yet, but it’s no crash or anything… this is hardware death. Could be the Video card, could be the CPU or the motherboard, might even be the power supply for all I know (I’ve only known them to either work or not work – but hey, maybe there’s some kind of gray area where it’ll turn on but not power all your devices. Long story short, I push the button, the machine powers up, but never even posts. Don’t get a video signal, but ALSO don’t get a beep at post, or sound from when it loads into windows, which leads me to believe this is not a video card problem. Basically, shit’s BROKE.

It’s a… hell, SIX year old computer. I guess it was about time. But it really cramps my damn style. I’m going to have to tear out the HD and slap it in Liz’ computer (from whence I post) to see if the HD still works – if IT’S dead, suffice to say there will be a large amount of ranting, raving, and breaking things, followed by a week of binge drinking, rounding off with a nice bout of good old fashioned depression.

No money to repair it at the moment, so we’ll see what happens. If I can save the files, I can get things rolling on the laptop again in the next day or two. But DAMN does it suck to have my machine die on me. This is really not what I needed this evening. *sigh*