Sunday, Jul 23, 2006

Title: 1697

July 2006


Title: 1697

July 23, 2006
12:01 AM

So we just got in our sample of the new Earbud Winder, and it looks great. Accordingly, we took some photos, so you guys could see this thing in actual use. Shown in the picture is the white one on a generation 4 iPod. The suction cup on this thing is fantastic – it holds VERY securely. There’s a little tab near the top of it (it’s hidden by the cord) that you can use to remove it in a pinch. All in all, I’m extremely pleased with these things. Preorders are going decently well, so we should be able to order them on the 15th no problem.

A few things of note – first, I’ve decided to offer the signed Earbud Winder to EVERYONE who preorders one, rather than just the first 100. I want to give as many people a chance to get one signed as possible. Also, I’m trying to get to a certain number of preorders – the company providing these has told us that we will only recieve the adhesive strips (at an extra charge to us, of course) if we order a certain amount of them. Unfortunately, we’re only at about half of the needed preorders to purchase that number. If we get close enough, I might be able to make up the difference, but I’m sincerely hoping we can get near enough by the 15th to make it possible. You don’t need them to use the Earbud Winder on the iPod, and the clear adhesive strip can simply be replaced by a small piece of packing tape (to get these to suction onto a DS or other textured item) but the solid plastic adhesive strip is necessary to attach these to an iPod case or other type of rougher surface. The belt clip will still be included. Why they make this distinction, I don’t know, and I wish we would have been told this earlier, but we’ve fought with them about this and this is our only real choice.

I’ll keep you guys apprised of the goings-on. We should be able to make this work. :) In any case, we’ll be ordering these on the 15th, come hell or highwater.