Tuesday, Nov 7, 2006

Title: 1757

November 2006


Title: 1757

November 7, 2006
12:01 AM

Hey hombres and hombrettes! This is a quick post to let you know that as of today, Dave Kellett’s “Sheldon” (the comic I’ve had linked up in my links dropdown since the dawn of time, and which you should have been reading) is breaking free of United Media and going back out on his own! What does this mean? Well, there’s the bad and the good.

The bad – if you’ve been reading sheldon with a bookmark that includes the words “comics.com”, that URL will soon no longer work. So update it already – his new address is Sheldoncomics.com. The other bad news is… well, that’s about it!

The good news – this change means not only will the comics be larger, but they’ll be presented in their own fancy non-comics.com page. He’ll have things like RSS feeds and whatnot now. And A BLOG! One of the things that bugs me most about the comics.com setup is that the cartoonists have had no way to share day-to-day stuff with their readers like the rest of us can. Now you can hear what Dave has to say and get to know the guy we’ve (this isn’t a collective “we” – I’m referring to me and the people I know personally. :D ) all grown to love over the past few years.

And if you’ve never read Sheldon before, now’s your chance. Since he’s on his own again, that means the archives have been all freed up! So you’ve got roughly 5 years of back comics to start with! People in boring jobs with internet access – you know what to do.

And let me also say congratulations to Dave – it takes a lot of courage to break off from a syndicate (even if they have been treating you crappy) and strike it out on your own, and Dave’s doing it. Way to go, man.