Monday, Feb 5, 2007

Title: 1804

February 2007


Title: 1804

February 5, 2007
12:01 AM

The annual Real Life Forums Gathering loved the vacation house in North Carolina so much last year that it’s returning this year. Free of my educational obligations (and desperately in need of a vacation), Liz and I will be joining members of the Real Life Community for a week in the Outer Banks from April 21-29. Why do I bring this up? Because this year, we’re also offering a few members of the community who aren’t forum members to join in the fun. That means you!

During this light portion of the travel season, the area usually has very few people, so we pretty much have it to ourselves. Situated a mere 600 feet from the beach on the Atlantic side of the banks, the house features eight bedrooms/bathrooms, a giant kitchen (in which I will be happy — no, ecstatic! — to prepare meals), Jacuzzi, pool, foosball table, and a private volleyball court, just to touch on a few points (and yes, there is wireless internet access). Last year’s Gathering also featured trips to the Wright Brothers Memorial and the Bodie Island lighthouse, not to mention flying kites on the beach, diving into frigid Atlantic waters, and burying certain people who wish to remain nameless in the sand. (No, it wasn’t me. Who told you it was me? WHO TOLD YOU?!) You can expect the usual geek activities as well. Video games, internet access, movie watching, staying up until 4 am discussing the true soul of Megatron, and if you’re really lucky, I’ll sing Cher songs on Karaoke Revolution. I really wish that last one was made up.

The actual price hasn’t been locked down quite yet and is currently $365 per segment (a segment is four days), but the price depends on the number of people going. This means that when you sign up, the price goes down. When that guy over there signs up, the price goes down. When the couple over there in the corner — hey, pay attention! — signs up, the price goes down. Every person that signs up lowers the cost, so what are you waiting for? For your fare, you get a roof over your head, food while inside the house (excursion food is your responsibility), and the chance to have loads of fun. Deposits to reserve your space are only $100, and reservations and final payments are due by March 7, which is about five weeks away. Don’t wait too long, though, as there is limited space in the house! For additional information you can register for the forums and join in the Gathering discussion thread, or send a PM to Martin Blank. Either way, head to the forums and check it out! (actually, I guess the fact that you have to sign up for the forums to participate means we still only allow forum members to come along. Interesting circumstance, there… :) )

Here’s a couple pictures from last year to help get you in the mood:

This is not me being manhumped. I swear.