Tuesday, Jun 5, 2007

Title: 1876

June 2007


Title: 1876

June 5, 2007
12:01 AM

Okay, quit with the e-mails already. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion of something, and that’s fine. And no, the parachute was FAR from the most angering thing about the last hour of the film – it was just the only one I could slip into the comic without it being a full-on spoiler. I suppose I could have talked about the SHOOTING THE MONKEY OUT OF THE GODDAMN CANNON. Or any number of other things… but the Parachute seemed the most benign.

Seriously though…quit e-mailing me about it. The same goes for Spider-Man 3. We’re entitled to our own opinions of anything… just because you and I don’t agree doesn’t mean either of us is wrong. Even if it’s totally not me. :)