Wednesday, Oct 31, 2007

Title: 1944

October 2007


Title: 1944

October 31, 2007
12:01 AM

So, during our packing adventures, Liz and I have unearthed two unique Real Life treasures… and since a) I’m the one who made them, and all I need of them is a memory to be happy, and b) because we’re trying desperately to raise money to make this move possible, I’ve decided to list them on ebay!

The first item is a copy of Real Life Book 1 (The LAST copy of it available, I might add…) we found that I must have had big plans for in the past, because it is the only known copy I can think of that was signed by not only myself and Liz… but also Tony, Debbie, and Adam. Why is this significant? I haven’t seen those three in about 2 years, and we hardly keep in touch anymore. I would not be going out on a limb to say that a book signed by those people is unlikely to ever exist again in the future. The book isn’t in pristine condition, sadly – it’s got some scuffs on the cover near the spine (a fairly common malady for this particular book – almost half of all the books I got had those scuffs) and there is a small bend in the lower left corner of the cover. (it’s not a Fold… it’s not well defined enough to be a fold.) All that aside however, it’s a great find, and definitely very rare.

The other little gem is an editor’s copy of the book I put together while I was working on it. I actually printed out the book, in its entirety, directly from the InDesign file and handed it over to Cliff for editing… on account of my penchant for typos. It was all bound in a three-ring binder, and I gave him some red pens to work with. It’s in perfect condition, and even has the two red pens stuck in the inside pocket of the binder. This is a truly unique piece of RL history, so be sure to watch this one!

And now, I am off to bed – and then to Sacramento, where we’ll be spending Halloween with my Dad. :) Take care, everyone!