Monday, Sep 8, 2008

Title: 2071

September 2008


Title: 2071

September 8, 2008
12:01 AM

I’m not sure how long this storyline is going to last, to be honest – it might be weeks, it could be months – so strap in and enjoy. I’ve been planning on doing this particular storyline since April, but I put the seeds in place a long, long time ago. If you’re already confused as to who these two chicks are that just showed up, perhaps you should read a few past storylines to get started.

First, you’ll want to start alll the way back in 2002, when Tony and Greg ventured into some alternate dimensions. After that, you should probably re-familiarize yourself with this particular story arc – and that’s all I’m gonna say on that one. The real precursor to this is at the end of this storyline, though.

And if, after all that, you’re still lost… I dunno. Not much I can do to help you there, I suppose. :)