Thursday, Feb 5, 2009

Title: 2161

February 2009


Title: 2161

February 5, 2009
12:01 AM

Two things of note today – the first is relatively minor. I just did a blown-up version of Panel 4, ’cause most of the detail gets lost when saving it for comic size. :P Those watching the live Qik stream last night saw it, (and I guess you’d see it if you watched the video NOW…) but just so it’s preserved for posterity and whatnot…

Furthermore, and on a much cooler note, this is the Bento box Liz made me for today:

And yes, everything you see there is edible. The fleshtone is chicken, the hair and eyes are roast beef, and the blue and white bits are provolone cheese – the blue bits having been dyed with blue food coloring, of course. Oh, and the dark bits over the eyes are cut-out pieces of nori (seaweed). All of that is on a bed of blue rice. Yes. Blue rice.

My wife is an awesome, awesome person. :)