Thursday, Mar 12, 2009

Title: 2184

March 2009


Title: 2184

March 12, 2009
12:01 AM

Just so you know, I poke fun because I enjoy something. If I was not having a good time, I wouldn’t be playing at all… but that said, the interface DOES need a lot of work. We’ll see how it progresses.

Anyway, after having spent a few hours in game now, I finally know how to add someone as a friend, and the good thing is, it can be done while they’re offline. (Which is good, since I spend a lot of time offline. :) )

In your journal, over in the “Social” section, click “Friends”, and then “Add” in the lower right corner. My character’s first name is “Vladimir”, and the full name is “Vladimir Taltos”. Do a search, and then click my name – I should show up in the list on the left. Then just click “Finish”. I should approve all friend requests within a few days, depending on my play schedule. Then we can start getting together and figuring out how to take over Agon. :D

See? The interface is TOTALLY simple.