Thursday, Oct 22, 2009

Title: 2325

October 2009


Title: 2325

October 22, 2009
12:01 AM

Man, the internet is a funny place. On Wednesday of last week, Liz started crocheting again, and on thursday, when she was comfortable with the technique, we sat down and talked about what to make with it. I mean, completely cold to anything, just talked about it, and decided to do a Raccoon Mario blanket. ‘Cause, I mean, who doesn’t love Raccoon Mario?

So Liz is now ~150 squares into the 725-square project when all of a sudden, boingboing posts this, which was apparently done LAST YEAR. I mean, weird timing, right? But to those who asked, no… we never saw that until the other day, so it really is just a weird confluence of events. (And Kotaku loses MASSIVE geek points for referring to it as a “Tanooki Mario” rug. Everyone knows that the Tanooki Suit is different than the leaf raccoon tail. THAT’S RIGHT, KOTAKU. I WENT THERE.)

Ours is actually fairly different, anyway. Different pose, the colors are a little more accurate… and it’s a blanket, not a rug. We’ll post pictures once it begins to take shape… and yes, since EVERYONE has been clamoring for it, I’ll even post the pattern we used. (Honestly? It’s just a sprite from the game, enlarged, with some modifications to the color of certain pixels. It’s not really that big a secret. :D )