Tuesday, Feb 9, 2010

Title: 2391

February 2010


Title: 2391

February 9, 2010
12:01 AM

Hey guys… this is gonna sound more dramatic than it really is, but I just figured I’d post it here before it got out anywhere else: I have officially tendered my resignation from Blank Label Comics.

Now, as I said, that’s a lot more dramatic sounding than it really is, and if you don’t read the rest of this, you’re going to get the wrong impression, and I don’t want that. :) I should lead off by saying it has NOTHING at all to do with the BLC guys, or BLC as a company, really, and I still have the UTMOST of respect and admiration for the guys still in BLC. We’re good friends, and I intend to keep it that way. This resignation is really more for personal reasons, and shouldn’t be taken as any commentary on BLC or anything. For rizzle. They’re doing some awesome stuff, as you’ll see in the upcoming weeks. So, yeah.

It’s a twofold reason. The larger reason is that, in all honesty, I don’t really contribute that much to the group, and didn’t really see myself wanting to put forth much effort. I don’t plan on going back to Comic Con in the near future (it almost bankrupt us this year, and it’s a very tough con to swing, financially) and I don’t share advertising, nor did I put much effort into helping out with cross-promotion. I’m just a little too crotchety these days, I guess. Between my full-time job and doing the comic, I just have very little energy to do much for the group, and that sucks. They’ve let me know it’s okay and that I don’t have to worry about it, but I still feel like a drain on things, and that’s not fair – especially when I’m an OPINIONATED drain. :)

The second, much less important reason, is that I AM an opinionated guy. Moreso than Willis and Troop, by a long shot. Occasionally, someone does something that pisses me off, and I’d love to call them on it, but I can’t, because everything I do or say can be taken as a member of BLC, and I don’t think it’s fair that those guys should have to put up with crap ’cause I can’t keep my big mouth shut. I don’t have anything in particular to talk frankly about right now, but I did last week, and while the need to gripe has passed for the time being, it might not in the future. So since I wasn’t really contributing much to the group anyway, I figured it’d be best if we officially moved along separately.

David, Steve… you guys are still great, great, friends… and I’ll be there for you in a heartbeat if you ask me to be. And to all you readers, check out Blank Label Comics in the next few weeks for some big changes and announcements. They’re up to some fantastic stuff, and while I may not be a part of it, I’m still very excited about it.