Friday, Mar 12, 2010

Title: 2414

March 2010


Title: 2414

March 12, 2010
12:01 AM

Hey everyone! I know only a select few of you listen to Two Drink Minimum, our crass weekly internet radio show/podcast, but those who DO listen know that we’ve been off the air for the past two weeks, and are probably wondering what gives. Well, Liz has been pretty sick lately, and as we found out last sunday, it looks like she has pneumonia. Not to worry – she’s been taking antibiotics since Monday, and it looks like she’s gonna be just fine, but yeah – that’s where we’ve been.

However! Since she seems to be on the up at the moment, she’s decreed that we will be doing a show once more starting this Sunday again, and wanted me to come on to remind you to check out Two Drink Minimum this sunday at 7 PM Pacific DAYLIGHT Time (I say that because remember: Sunday is Daylight Saving Time, so if you don’t remember to set your clock forward (or if you live in a weird time zone) you’ll miss at least an hour of the show. :P

For more info on how to listen, head to, or, alternately, See you then!