Friday, Aug 13, 2010

Title: 2509

August 2010


Title: 2509

August 13, 2010
12:01 AM

Well, today’s comic won’t be up until late. Not because I didn’t finish it, mind you. Oh, no… It’s been done since 11 pm.

Our Internet, onthe other hand, has been out since 10.

Customer support is no help, of course. “Um, your modem shows you as offline.” Yeah, no shit. “Nobody else inthe area is showing as down.” Really? You think that might be because it’s basically a freaking retirement community, and everyones been in bed since 7, instead of up and power cycling the damn thing like me?

So, here I am, typing this out on my iPhone while my comic remains sadly tethered to my desktop. I’ll take it into work with me on a flash drive tomorrow and get it up from there. For now, I need to put my impotent rage aside and get some sleep. Night, guys.