Wednesday, Jul 21, 2010

Title: 2625

July 2010


Title: 2625

July 21, 2010
12:01 AM

I’m sitting here, trying to get the goddamn comic done and maintain some kind of normalcy in my life, and go to save it and GODDAMN ILLUSTRATOR CRASHES AGAIN. It’s gotta be something with this file, or something, because I tried simply OPENING it and resaving it again as another file, and it crashes instantly. Granted, it’s got an image background, but come on – I saved the damn thing BEFORE! Why is it NOW deciding to have issues?!

Had I started on this little adventure earlier in the day, I’d give it another go. As it stands, it’s almost 1 AM and I can’t deal with this right now. *sigh*

If anyone felt up to it, now would be a REALLY good time for some guest strips. As much as doing the comic keeps me feeling normal, fighting with my computer isn’t something I really want to be doing at the moment. So seriously – if you feel up to it, and you have an idea for a guest comic, fire it my way at and assuming it’s not just stick figures or pictures of your dog’s poo or something, I’d be happy to put it up. One day of no comic is a bummer. Two days is pushing it. Three days is just insane, and it’s under my skin that Friday’s comic is still up right now. Thanks for understanding, guys.

Also, I want to take a moment to thank everyone who’s sent us a comment in e-mail. It’s been hard to read them, because it just brings it back up in our heads, but at the same time, it’s helping us cope. You guys are a great bunch of people, and don’t ever forget it.