Monday, Mar 28, 2011

Title: 2649

March 2011


Title: 2649

March 28, 2011
12:01 AM

Greetings, lifers! So, as you may or may not recall, last year we did a little show called Two Drink Minimum. It was irreverent, it was off-the-cuff, and it was a lot of fun. However, due to a number of different life things getting in the way, we had to call it off in September.

BUT ALAS! We will return, and sooner than you can possibly imagine: This tuesday night, as a matter of fact! We’ve decided to do the broadcast from 8-10 PM Pacific Time on Tuesdays, and it’s just going to be Me, Liz and Ben (for… reasons.) but it’s the show statistically very few of you knew and loved! Head over to Two Drink Minimum’s Website for the details and some old shows, and get ready for some brand new crap coming your way!