Monday, Dec 12, 2011

Title: 2785

December 2011


Title: 2785

December 12, 2011
12:01 AM

Hi folks! I figured I should pop in with one or two updates. No, strike that – it’s actually three. No more, no less.

First off, I wanted to let everyone know that we actually found homes for both Gandalf and Vache! Thank you guys for your support, and thank you to the two readers who stepped up to help us out! Vache went to his new home yesterday, and Gandalf is off to his next weekend, so that’s just really exciting. :)

Secondly, I’ve been getting a lot of e-mails asking about Rummi Bears. I obviously can’t claim credit for it, since I was just following instructions from Gizmodo, but the rum thing… that’s all me. First off, yes – it DOES work. Secondly, there are a few things you need to remember: One, use Haribo bears. They stand up to the infusing very well. Two, the bears need to remain refrigerated, and will melt into a puddle after a few hours out of the fridge. Three – it’s a two way process. At the end, you’re left with alcoholic gummi bears, and syrupy sweet rum. :) Try and use this information only for good.

Lastly, after last friday’s comic, a lot of people wanted to see pictures of the actual Star Trek Diapers. I am all too happy to oblige. Thank you again to Toni for her help with getting the blanks embroidered, and to Liz for putting up with a husband who wants to put our daughter in Star Trek diapers. :P