Tuesday, Sep 11, 2012

Title: 2915

September 2012


Title: 2915

September 11, 2012
12:01 AM

Howdy, folks! I know I rarely come on and post on here these days, but I felt this was too cool to just relegate to a facebook post or some such. Those of you who follow along with the comic know that Liz got an embroidery/sewing machine for her birthday last year, and since then, I’ve kind of gotten the machine embroidery bug. It’s a lot of fun to add artwork to various items of clothing. (And yes, to Harper’s Diapers) Then I went and did a comic featuring Steampunk Bacon Cat, a design Liz downloaded from Urban Threads.

That very night, I was contacted by the owner of the Urban Threads site, who saw the comic and thought it was cool – this is another of those mutual fandom kinds of things, as I’d become a big fan of the designs on their site, and REALLY impressed with the way they stitch up. These people know a thing or two about embroidery design, let me tell you. I’ve made a few fun embroidery designs recently, but then I see the stuff they do, and I’m just humbled.

And I was even MORE humbled when I was asked to participate in their “Featured Artist” program! Click on the image above (or this link here) to head over to my featured artist page, which just went live this morning. They have a pretty fun interview on there in addition to a digitized version of my “Nerd Rage” design for sale! It’s available in three different sizes, so even schlubs like me with a pathetic 4″x4″ hoop can stitch it up. And while you’re there, browse through the different designs they have available – these guys are the utlimate geek source for machine/hand embroidery patterns.

I realize embroidery is an EXTREMELY niche thing, but crafty folks would do well to look into it. You can buy a Brother SE400 machine on Amazon for as little as $350 (Far less expensive than the average $1,500 machines you will see out there) and get into the hobby. Trust me… this stuff is addictive. Thanks again to everyone over at Urban Threads for letting me into the fold – you guys rock!