Title: 994

Wednesday, Aug 6, 2003

August 2003


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Title: 994

August 6, 2003
12:01 AM

So yeah, I added that new RLSG box to the left. It works well, since I think the problem with last month’s gift (aside from the fact that it was semi-boring) was that nobody really knew about it. Having that box will give people an at-a-glance view of what they can get with the rlsg. Problem with it is, it pushes that link bar that much lower down the page, so I have to try to write more to make up for that fact. Gotta balance the page out, ne?

Anyway, about the RAM and whatnot. So, last week, we managed to get enough money together to buy a 1-gig stick of Kingston RAM. It came in on monday, and when Ukyo went to install it, he discovered it to be quite dead. I guess the place we ordered it from was about the equivalent of an online Fry’s or something – order, then pray. Anyway, he’s gonna get a replacement stick in soon, but in the meantime, we were able to get a gig of ram on loan for the box, which should be going in today. I don’t know what time today exactly, but be patient till it goes in. Hopefully, that will mean the server will be back to useably fast speeds again. It’s been a tough few months, but I’m working as hard as possible to resolve it.

One of the issues I’ve been leaning away from until we get the box up to par has been selling rotating banner ads. I’m worried that because of the speed of the server, the ads may not load, because they come from a seperate system. However, I was also leaning away from it because until last week, I didn’t have the system to handle them installed. Ioncomix right now has simply a random-banner display system, with no provisions for pageviews or what have you. Enisoc was good enough to hook me up with a really sweet banner system, which should handle the needs of this site very, very well. So, as of this moment, I will again be selling banner ads. If you’ve contacted me about buying a rotating banner ad in the past, send me another e-mail. The system works now. :)

Last, but not least, I’m working on setting up an honest-to-god Real Life store. Liz and I will be handling orders and shipping, and the merchandise will all be produced by yours truly. However, we actually have our good friend Keith working on the backend, and if everything goes as planned, we should have it nearly automated. It should accept credit cards right from the site itself, and it’ll have some pretty robust inventory tracking built in. Also, the system will be set up to handle prints, so I’m going to start selling the Limited Edition Prints again! I’ve invested in a color laser printer, and I’ll be doing it all in-house, so I can have total quality control. Not to worry, anyone who has ordered a print in the past, I have records of all those sales, and they will be taken into account. Nobody’s gonna have a duplicate of yours. I don’t have an ETA for when the store will be up, but I’ll be making a few future newsposts about it to keep you updated. Hopefully, this will be a good thing. :D

That’s it, guys! Now I’ve gotta get back to work… thankfully today is a lot slower than yesterday. Oh, and remember how a few years ago, my car got broken into, and they stole my stereo? Well, they also stole my checkbook, and even though I closed the account, they still managed to pass some bum checks, which went on my credit report. So I spent most of yesterday attempting to contact the credit bureaus. Did you know that the main number for TWO of the three major credit bureaus will not give you access to a live human at ALL? Hence, today’s comic. If you ever have a problem with your credit report, forget trying to contact them about it. Take my advice… just shoot yourself in the head. It’ll be less painful. Take care! :D