Wednesday, Apr 17, 2019

April 17, 2019

April 2019

Panel 1
Tony: I just can’t get over this Black Hole photo.
Greg: Oh, HERE we go. Tony, that picture is a miracle of modern science, and I don’t care if you could do a million times better. It’s an amazing moment for humanity.

Panel 2
Tony: Whoa there, Turbo. I wasn’t knocking it.
Tony: I know I come off as an all-powerful know-it-all, but I’m a scientist at heart. Seeing things like this make me hopeful for the future of humanity.

Panel 3
Tony: And while I’ve created singularities and wormholes in a controlled environment, it’s never actually occurred to me to try and image one out in the wild. This is SPECIAL.

Panel 4
Tony: Plus, I mean… you can’t subjugate humanity with data you don’t have, am I right?
Greg: THERE he is.