Thursday, Apr 25, 2019

April 25, 2019

April 2019

Panel 1
Greg: OK, WILD idea here, but… we have a few hours of free time with no other obligations.
Liz: ...and?

Panel 2
Greg: Let’s play some Final Fantasy 14.
Liz: Oh! That sounds fun! It’s been ages since we’ve had a chance to play!

Panel 3
Greg: We probably need to update, but our internet is pretty quick so that shouldn’t be an issue.
Liz: Great! I need to dig out my headset too, so we can voice chat.
Greg: Let’s do this!

Panel 4
Update Window: All Servers Down for 24-Hour Maintenance
We apologize for the downtime, but we only ever do these kinds of maintenance cycles once in a blue moon.

Update Reason:
-Greg decided he wanted to play
Greg: That seems about right.