Tuesday, Dec 4, 2018

December 4, 2018

December 2018

Panel 1
Greg: The things I do for Star Trek…
Tony: OK, I’m going to stay out here to monitor the simulation, and to make sure you don’t get inadvertently stuck inside.

Panel 2
Greg: Remind me again how this is supposed to be safe?
Tony: The system is preset to deform any object exerting more than 12 megapascals on any physical object in the chamber. Basically, anything strong enough to break skin will fizzle out.

Panel 3
Tony: Besides, the cranial implant records a complete map of your brain at any given moment. If something ACTUALLY went wrong, I could whip up a reasonable facsimile fairly quickly.
Greg: Oh, well that’s…

Panel 4
Tony: Oh, you know - your basic clone. Roughly the same number of appendages and digits. Probably speech capacity, who knows? Anyway, thanks for helping!