Wednesday, Feb 10, 2021

February 10, 2021

February 2021

Panel 1
Mae: Here’s what I don’t fully understand: It is 2021. The location of every road in America is like, a known THING.
Liz: *sigh*

Panel 2
Mae: I mean, sure - they keep making them, but a ton of them have been around for DECADES. Some highways are almost a CENTURY OLD.

Panel 2
Mae: They’ve been installing cell towers for like 40 years. They keep doing it. New cell towers are popping up all the time, and they have a range of like 20 miles.

Panel 3
Mae: So how is it possible that I am driving on Highway 1 and have been without cell service for the last HOUR AND A HALF?!
Liz: “Let’s take the Pacific Coast Highway to the hotel”, she said. “It’ll be scenic and relaxing”, she said.