Wednesday, Feb 24, 2021

February 24, 2021

February 2021

Panel 1
Mae: Honestly, I’m just bummed that it’s doing this - it seems weird to up the dosage and then backslide.
Doctor: I know it’s discouraging, but this is a process. It takes time to figure out what works best, but we WILL figure it out.

Panel 2
Doctor: Now, you’re already on the maximum recommended dosage for pills, so I think let’s try out patches instead. Sometimes just a different delivery method can make a difference.
Mae: OK, I can dig that.

Panel 3
Mae: Do we need to adjust the anti-androgen?
Doctor: You’re already taking 200mg of spiro a day… so I’m inclined to try adding in Progesterone, actually.

Panel 4
Mae: Oh, uh… *cough* … progesterone, huh? That, uh… sounds interesting.
Doctor: Oh, quit acting like you haven’t already researched it in depth and were secretly waiting for this day. I swear you all think it’s like the holy grail of trans medicine.
Mae: ...okay, so then just to clarify: can it or can it not be taken past the great seal on the floor of the temple?