Tuesday, Jul 21, 2020

July 21, 2020

July 2020

Panel 1
Greg: ‘Morning, sweetheart!
Liz: Good morning to you too!

Panel 2
Liz: What are… what are you doing?
Greg: Washing my face?

Panel 3
Liz: No, I can SEE that, but… I mean, I’ve never once seen you wash your face outside of the shower. I’m not even sure if you’ve washed your face IN the shower.
Greg: I just got up this morning feeling good, and I wanted to start taking care of myself a bit better.

Panel 4
Liz: You know… if you were anyone else, I’d think you were cheating on me.
Greg: Hey! I could totally find a mistress if I wanted to!
Liz: I know you could, sweetie. I know.