Wednesday, Jul 8, 2020

July 8, 2020

July 2020

Panel 1
Greg: Good lord, what an insufferable prick. Why do you let him treat you like that?
Id: I don't have much of a choice. Neither do you, really - he's there to try and keep us from doing anything that might run against what authority figures would want. You can get things past him from time to time, but fear of authority runs deep.

Panel 2
Id: And when he started to form, it was like the perfect time for him to get REALLY good at making life miserable for us. Me, mostly.
Id: I mean, think back to what we used to see in movies back when we were a kid. Remember Ace Ventura?

Panel 3
Greg: Oh, god... yeah.
Id: Remember who the VILLAIN of that movie was? And how Ace Ventura acted when he found out her "devious secret"?
Greg: What's worse is I used to LOVE that movie. I probably saw it half a dozen times.

Panel 4
Id: And every time, it just made him stronger, and locked me further away.
Id: He's like the world's dumbest, and yet strongest prison warden. And I’m the only prisoner.
Greg: (Glaring at the SuperEgo) I think I'm really starting to wrap my head around the concept of self-loathing.