Friday, Jul 26, 2013

July 26, 2013

July 2013

Dave: How was the game?
Liz: Rivercats beat the Sky Sox 10-3.
Harper: Mickey Mouse!

Tony: What made you guys decide to go see a Triple-A baseball game tonight, anyway?
Liz: I got two free tickets through my work, and kids under 2 are free, so...

Tony: And did Harper enjoy her first baseball game?
Greg: Yeah, she had a great time, actually!

Tony: Let me guess... she spilled an Icee all over herself, ate gum off the floor, and threw a fit somewhere around the 7th inning.
Greg: It was cotton candy, not gum, and it was during the 8th inning, when we were apparently getting all our runs. I wouldn't know, of course.
Liz: Neither would she, since I’m fairly sure her eyes never actually made contact with any of the players.