Tuesday, Jul 9, 2013

July 9, 2013

July 2013

Greg: It’s about time we finally got out to see “Man of Steel”, eh?
Liz: Remember when we used to be able to just be all like “oh man, let’s go see a movie right now”? Those were good times.

Greg: I’m actually pretty proud of myself... I’ve managed to steer clear of all spoilers for the film. I didn’t even check rotten tomatoes.

Liz: Greg, it’s SUPERMAN. We’re gonna see an hour of origin story and exposition, a bad guy goes “rawr”, and then Supes punches him into space. Roll credits.

Greg: Well... I mean, we don’t know superman is gonna win at the end of the movie.
Liz: This isn’t rocky... if Superman doesn’t win at the end of the movie, he can’t just train hard to win next time, because the WORLD HAS ENDED.