Thursday, Nov 13, 2003

Title: 1065

November 2003


Title: 1065

November 13, 2003
12:01 AM

It’s funny how attatched we get to these things. I was genuinely sad when my v60 broke, though now that I have the T226, I’m totally over it. The Sony-Ericsson’s are great little phones. Neat design, and a nice menu. :D

I have a question I want to pose to you guys, though…more like a request for info. See, we found out that Liz’ phone (the T306) actually supports the use of normal midis for ringers, just by uploading with IR or a data cable. I was thinking about getting the data cable anyhow, but does anyone know if the T226 has the same functionality? I can’t find any info in the manual. I have a crapload of midis, and it would be neat to set them as ringers for all my friends. Yes, I’m one of THOSE dorks.

I’ll make a post sometime tomorrow with ALL the info, but remember! SUGOI CON! NEXT WEEK! WE ARE GOING TO BE THERE! Not only are we gonna be there, but I am going to have, for sale, a nearly unlimited number of the Shirt Ninja posters, as well as about 100 Shirt Ninja T-Shirts. These haven’t been made before, and will be premiering here at Sugoi Con. The con price for each of them will be just $10, so if you’re in the Cincinatti area, it would behoove you to come by and get one of those buggers. :) Also keep in mind that this is not only my first con away from the west coast, it is my first time being away from the west coast. Period.I have been as far north as Portland, as far south as San Diego, and as far east as Reno. That’s it, folks. So i’ll doubtless be WAY out of my element. All the more reason to come there and harass me, because it’ll probably be awhile before I’m back out that way. Like I said, I’ll be posting more info tomorrow. :D

That’s all for now! I’m tired as hell, so it’s bedtime for bonzo. Night guys.