Tuesday, Nov 18, 2003

Title: 1068

November 2003


Title: 1068

November 18, 2003
12:01 AM

Wow. I am really kicking butt this week. I need to try to keep this pace up. See, since I’m leaving for SugoiCon on thursday, I need to get comics done for thursday, friday, monday, and tuesday. By TOMORROW. :D I managed to do two yeasterday, and today i’ve finished thursday’s comic, and about to work on Monday’s comic as well. To top it off, I even made another comic that won’t go up for a few weeks, and doesn’t really fit into a storyline, I just felt like making it. That will make THREE comics today, two yesterday, and whatever else I can get done tomorrow. To top it off, i’ve also been trying to work on the images for the Support Group gift (which I realize is almost another month late), but oddly enough, instead of feeling overworked, I just feel really productive. Believe me, that’s a good thing. I’m really enjoying the current storyline, and I’m having a lot of fun working on these comics. :) If only I could keep this kind of momentum up the rest of the time. :D

One thing I want to cover, because a lot of people seem worried about it. The shirts will NOT only be available at SugoiCon. After we get back, we’ll be selling what remaining shirts we have left, and buying more. Probably going to be setting up a sales system. Same goes for the posters. We’re going to have a crapload of them, so no real worries about supply there. Don’t worry…if you can’t make it to SugoiCon (even though it would be cool if you did), you can still get one of these babies. I plan to keep producing them…they’re by no means a limited edition. :)